Help us save our world's pride and protect coral around the world

Coral reefs are already lost or severely damaged. The decline continues with alarming speed. Many threats to coral reefs are caused by humans. These threats include overfishing and destructive fishing practices.

Help end coral degradation and save our species

Occupying less than one quarter of 1% of the marine environment, coral reefs are home to more than 25% of all known marine fish species

Be a part of a brighter and more coral-ful future.

More than 450 million people live within 60 kilometres of coral reefs, with the majority directly or indirectly deriving food and income from them.

Coral conservation is important to us, why?

It is good for our planet

Coral provide habitats and shelter for many marine organisms
They are the source of nitrogen and other essential nutrients for marine food chains
They assist in carbon and nitrogen fixing
Help with nutrient recycling.

It provides us with incredible economic benefits

The fishing industry depends on coral reefs

Coral attract lots of fish, where they spend some time before heading out to open sea.

For example, the Great Barrier Reef generates more than 1.5 billion dollars every year for the Australian economy,

It is a 300+ billion dollar industry globally

It is a source of love

Protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms

Attracts different species of marine animals

Provide beautiful diving spots and bring colour to our world

So what does Hiri do about this?

Our core service is to train people on how to re-use common waste into materials used for coral farming and restoration. We help anyone make a significant impact.

Training Programs

We work with local government all over the world to run training programs in coastal areas. We raise awareness about coral restoration and how they can use of recycled common waste items in the process.

Tourist Experiences

We work with hotels and experience providers to create a unique coral experience, allowing you to learn about our coral farms and plant your own. On one of our tours, you will gain significant knowledge of the various types of coral, snorkel around our coral beds and sanctuary.


Learning about coral is an exciting activity, so we have created workshops for Schools, Businesses, and the Public. We run excursions to local Hiri Coral Sanctuaries and raise awareness about our capabilities in restoring corals.


The best part about what we do is that we turn an expensive process into one that is super accessible and doable. These materials were available for this example, but we are able to use many different waste items.


We have planted over 600 fragments in Bootless Bay, Papua New Guinea.


We focus on the CONSERVATION of Coral Reefs by BUILDING the knowledge and awareness of the COMMUNITY around us


We are looking for partners all over the world who want to join our mission in restoring coral and providing high-value experiences for guests, tourists, students, and more.


Share the message, tell your friends about how they can get involved. We are building a community, so if you love coral and you want to continue seeing them around, make sure to like our social pages!


Want to learn more about coral restoration, or you want to talk to one of our members? Contact We can give you a call or send you information.


Passionately committed to protecting the future of Marine Wildlife, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come

Co-Founder: Debora KOCAK

An Advanced Scuba Diver, Debora grew up exploring the oceans and admiring the beauty of coral reefs. Debora is a graduate of Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws and has worked with the PNG Interact Club, bringing education materials to rural villages. Having lived and grown up all over the world, including Papua New Guinea, Debora is extremely passionate about Hiri's mission.

Co-Founder: Igo GARI

Igo is completing his PhD in sustainability, researching methods of increasing sustainability in rural villages. Igo has over 10 years experience coordinating rural development projects in the Papua New Guinean government. He has led multiple coral restoration programs and is extremely passionate about making sure future generations will benefit from coral.

Coral degradation is an increasing problem, affecting not only marine species but our wellbeing as well. We are passionate about the oceans and realize that something must be done to help solve this significant problem. We want to create sustainable ecosystems that reuse ‘trash’ into items that can be placed into the sea to help sustain and develop coral areas.

Even though we are a profit for purpose business, we are just getting started and we would love your donations. We use your contributions in the development of training programs, promotion of our mission, support for volunteers and the maintenance of our coral ‘babies’. Give Hiri a Helping Hand.