Rural Awareness Programs

We work with villages around the world, running training programs on how to recycle commonly found waste items in the process of coral conservation and restoration. We have worked with villages in Papua New Guinea and have planted over 500 fragments of coral in the environment. By 2020, we want to plant 5000 fragments in and around the Pacific. We actively work with local governments to lead coral plantation sessions with locals who may not see that they have the power to make a difference with the trash lying around their island or village. We are always on the lookout for more villages willing to participate in our education programs. If your village is struggling and needs help, click below for more information on how Hiri can help.


Internship Programs

We have exciting projects coming up in the Pacific and you can become a part of it. Ever dreamt of being immersed in a brand new culture? maybe you wanted to visit exotic locations in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands or Fiji? Interested in learning about coral planting? Well now is your chance! By becoming an 'intern', you will get to experience our training program first hand and be a part of every step, from helping run the workshops and bringing something unique to the team. This is an adventure that is not to be missed! We are taking applications for our 2019 programs and we would love to hear from you! Sign Up Here


We run workshops for students of all ages to learn how the coral system works on our blue planet and how anyone can help restore it. We have amazing team members who are well trained to provide an amazing experience for both the School and the Students. We have a wide variety of workshops available from classroom training to our popular excursions. Enquire now.

Tourist Experiences

We lead coral snorkeling tours that are extremely fun for tourists but also significantly benefit the communities around. We coordinate the transportation, safety and most importantly the fun for our customers. We actively work with villages around the Pacific to teach them Hiri's restoration methods. With each Partner Resort, we recruit local Villagers who also financially benefit from our efforts.

This is a unique service offering which benefits many, but most importantly, makes a positive impact.

Hiri is still developing our tourist packages, stay tuned for more information soon!