Hiri's mission is to bring coral conservation to as many people as possible. We run programs that raise awareness about coral importance and we also organise trips for eager explorers to join us in a local community as an "intern".

Our internship programs, in other words: holidays with a purpose, are fantastic opportunities for adventurers seeking new knowledge in an area which has typically been reserved for marine scientists and biologists. We have developed methods that are easily passed down to any eager learner, and you can be one of them!

With this, we achieve our two main goals: spread coral and marine awareness, and engage with communities

Come learn, let's plant coral together.

Holiday with a Twist: Plant Coral and Experience Local Culture

Join us on our popular rural village education program! 

In December 2019, we are heading back to Papua New Guinea to build another reef. Destination: Tubusereia Village.

This is your chance to get involved and learn about coral reef restoration and local Papua New Guinean culture. Get involved and get the chance to work within a local community. Immerse yourself in a deeply cultural location and be part of a project which will teach the community:

  1. How to build Coral Frames
  2. Harvesting Coral
  3. Planting a Coral Garden
  4. Managing their current and future livelihood
  5. Monitoring of Reefs and sustainable fishing practices.

Internship Outcomes

Why should you join?

  • Have an impactful week
  • Learn concepts of coral reef restoration which are traditionally reserved for marine scientists
  • Learn about a new culture
  • Upskill yourself - All interns are given a specific job to do.
  • Gain work experience in a new and exciting area.
  • Be a part of a great community project and build the next reef.
  • Become a proud coral ambassador and join the Hiri community.
  • You will get hands-on experience planting more than 100 fragments of coral.
  • The list goes on...

Who Can Apply?

  • Anyone over the age of 18!
  • We do NOT require a background in marine science, biology, or any of the sciences.
  • Our programs are designed for just about anyone, and you can make a difference too.

This program will be for 8 days and will include activities such as: snorkelling, coral harvesting, hiking in key locations, traditional experiences and more. Note: This trip has a cost which is payable by you (This amount is exclusive of flights).

To ensure that this will be the best experience of your life, we will only have 10 spaces available. Spaces are filling fast, so Register your Interest Now! Follow the link below to go our Trip Page for more information.


All Inclusive* Immersive Holiday

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More Information

Papua New Guinea is an exciting and mostly undiscovered area of the world which hosts many beautiful and unique species. The country is exotic and pristine in many areas, the oceans being one of them. However, like many locations around the world, it is impacted by reef damage and coral degradation – Main Cause: Lack of Education – Dynamite fishing is popular in these areas, and unfortunately, without intervention, the conditions affecting Coral and marine species may not improve.

Our expeditions to Local Villages are so much more than a snorkel tour and holiday in beautiful picturesque locations. With Hiri, your journey to a rural village will be one of cultural immersion, deep insight and connection with this awe-inspiring landscape. Most importantly, a trip filled with learning, self-reflection, and impact.

We have two fun-filled immersive trips planned for December 2019 and February 2020. Each trip is 8 days in length and have provided a 100% satisfaction rate to our previous explorers.

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