Sign My Village Up!

Would you like us to conduct our popular rural village education program? 

We run training programs in coastal areas in the Pacific. And what's even better is that coral restoration awareness is accessible to everyone with Hiri.

Our training runs for 3 days and in that time, your community will learn:

  1. How to build Coral Frames
  2. Harvesting Coral
  3. Planting a Coral Garden

Join the waitlist, but hurry, places filling fast.

We operate all over the Pacific, so if your village is in that region you should sign up!

Training Outcomes

Why should you join?

  • Current Villages we have worked with have created amazing outcomes!
  • We have planted 500+ Fragments in two locations.
  • They are benefitting from a brand new reef and more fish.
  • They are proud coral ambassadors.
  • We have employed 2 local community members who monitor and administer the coral gardens.
  • We receive regular photos and impressive growth data each fortnight.

There are many benefits to our coral reef restoration education programs, sign up below to get started.